July to December 2017

27th July 2017

Marguerite Roy with Anita Rayner and Sheila WainwightA TOUGH LADY FOR SOME TOUGH PARTS OF THE WORLD

Marguerite Roy, rather disarmingly, described herself as someone who had 'never grown up' because so much of her life had been spent as a student. A modest claim from someone who had devoted ten years to UN peace-keeping missions in some very tough places but true to the extent that she returned to university again to embark on Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at Leeds.

A Rotary Foundation scholar from America, she spoke to us tonight about her experiences in many parts of the world but particularly about Kosovo (where she became mayor in the regional administration of a hard-hit part of the country) and Afghanistan (where she administered the northern part of the country).

When she completes her dissertation at Leeds next month, she will be off to Jordan to study Arabic.

And what of the future? "I've done my best to make a difference abroad," she said, "I'd like to make a difference at home by going into politics."

In 2014 Marguerite returned to her alma mater at Misericordia University at Dallas, Pennsylvania, as a visiting professor in the Department of History and Government to develop international programmes and internships. For more about her fascinating life and experiences, go to  http://www.misericordia.edu/page.cfm?p=804.

Marguerite presented the club with a banner from the Rotary Club of Dallas and took with her our club's banner, being handed over here by president Sheila Wainwright. On the left is district Foundation chair Anita Rayner.